Back Office Valuation & Consulting provides valuation and consulting expertise on a per project basis.

Back Office Valuation & Consulting partners with traditional valuation firms, consulting firms, accounting firms, and law firms to provide full-service valuation and consulting expertise on a per project basis. We can be engaged to do as little as enter financial statements to completing the entire valuation on your behalf. Our experienced staff works as a member of your team throughout the valuation process to complete the deliverable in a timely, cost effective manner.

Our consulting services provide firms the ability to quickly staff up when the need arises. However, in the field of valuation and financial consulting, experience and training are paramount. Our team draws off years of experience performing a wide range of professional services engagements and understands how to execute to meet client deadlines. We work alongside your team throughout the engagement to complete our role. However, we understand that consulting projects are fluid and certain roles come and go; therefore, in the event our role is no longer needed you can immediately right size your staff to maintain profitability.

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We offer a variety of professional services to help with any of your valuation or consulting needs.

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Our top-tier professionals understand the high demands of consulting and are readily available for your project.

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Our past engagements and relationships have built a strong reputation for knowledge and reliability.

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