Representative Engagements

Litigation Support

Shareholder Oppression
Back Office Valuation & Consulting was committed to a regional valuation firm to assist in determining the value of a minority interest in a multi-state family owned storage business. The minority shareholder had been fired and was in the process of being “forced out” of its equity interest. Back Office Valuation & Consulting, working on behalf of the valuation firm, represented the oppressed shareholder. We advised counsel for the oppressed shareholder to remove minority discounts and marketability discounts based on the statutory definition of fair value under shareholder oppression laws. The case ultimately settled in mediation with the attorney citing the misapplication of valuation discounts being the cornerstone of the settlement.

Intellectual Property
Back Office Valuation & Consulting was taken on by a valuation firm to assist an unsecured creditors committee in determining the fair value of a utility patent. The owner of the utility patent was purchased out of bankruptcy by a private equity group and, through an unperfected lien, the unsecured creditors had the right to the proceeds attributable to the value of the utility patent. Through the use of multiple valuation methods, Back Office Valuation & Consulting determined a value on behalf of the valuation firm that was ultimately upheld by the bankruptcy court.

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